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A traditional green casting 'phoenix breath' magic.

Crystolians, to sum it up in a sentence, are expert-dimensional-traveling, shape-shifting, elemental ‘dragons’ whose population is few and far between. They are the race based off of the Change element; this allows them control over every element, although most can’t control the Other Powers. Crystolians vary greatly in age, height, weight, gender, colour, and elemental proficiency and affinity. They fall under all catagories for general work force, including warriors, theives, priests, mages, hunters, merchants, archivists, teachers, and builders.

History of Crystolians on EarthEdit

Some humans consider them mimics of the old dragons from Earth, but in truth, they are the original creature upon which other dragon species have been built on. The majority of dragon-lore has been misinterpreted and exaggerated by humans throughout the millennia. originally, the Etherealm was keeping tabs on the dimension Earth resides in, to examine the state of it's progress, to see if any race within it was anywhere close to achieving dimensional travel, and to see if they were a danger to themselves, the Etherealm, or any other dimension.

After a time, the Ethereal Council members decided to take the initiative and go to the "Earthen" dimension. Although Ethereal beings had been to Earth in the past, this was the first purposeful contact. Unfortunately, this was around the time of the Middle Ages, where evil demons and the Christian devil were common household beliefs. When humans inhabiting what was later labelled the Point of Arrival saw these beings materialize out of thin air, and could walk upright, speak their tongue, and were very powerful, but were not humans, mass panic ensued. Branding them as demons, the great dragon-hunts began. The Crystolian emissaries tried to reason with them, but then saw it as hopeless and set out to avenge their fallen.

After their initial appearance through the Point of Arrival, several myths began about dragons in particular:

  • Dragon’s bellies are encrusted by jewels, thought to be a form of protection.
  • Accuracy: Incorrect
  • This is an exaggeration of the fact that Crystolians have a crystal set into their chest, in the center of the sternum. This crystal is what their entire life revolves around: their bones are a mix of bone and crystal, with the chest being the only visible part of this; it is a key part to reproduction; and it is mostly where all of their magic comes from, considering that it’s more or less directly connected to their core, where all life-based magic comes from.
  • Dragons hoard treasure and would go to steal any that they see.
  • Accuracy: Mostly incorrect
  • This myth was inspired by the fact that precious metals and stones, such as gold, silver and jewels, all have immense magic ability and capacity. They have the highest capability of storing magical energy for long periods of time. Crystolians realized this, and through generations, eventually had the genetic mental trait of being drawn to anything shiny; this can be as stereotypical as money, or as ridiculously simple as a gum wrapper. However, while they will sometimes steal things, they are not obsessed with it.
  • Dragons eat humans and livestock.
  • Accuracy: Mostly incorrect
  • Crystolians and Wyrms have the ability the shapeshift their mouths to encompass things far bigger than themselves, much like a snake can, only at a much larger rate. The purpose to this activity is to get something living as close as possible to their core, in order to absorb elemental energy from them. Although being in physical contact is also possible, internal energy absorbtion is more effective.
  • Dragons have the ability to breathe fire and other toxic or dangerous substances from their mouth.
  • Accuracy: True
  • Using magic or abilities that transmute energy is remarkably easier and more effective the closer to your core it is. This is a valid explanation for why wizards and other magic users will shoot fireballs out of their hands rather than feet. Of all limbs, your head is the closest to your core, and so breathing fire is very effective. However, aiming with your mouth is quite difficult, so hands are more popular.
  • Dragons live much longer than humans, sometimes for thousands of years.
  • Accuracy: True
  • As Crystolians can filter and recycle energy with almost perfect efficiency, their lifespans continue on far past when even the memory kept by relatives of a human is long gone, the relatives in the ground and turned to dust. This is one of the reasons Crystolians as a society avoid bonding with members outside their species, for they know they'll live to see their friends and loved ones grow old, die, and decay. It is not known how long the natural lifespan is of a Crystolian, as there has never been a recorded death of old age.
  • Dragons walk on all fours like beasts.
  • Accuracy: Sometimes true
  • Crystolians are very finely balanced on the borderline of Civilization vs. Savagery, and sometimes will abandon the two-legged form that other beings with their level of intelligence favor. Also, a battle form for Crystolians is Ancestral Mode, in which they shape-shift into three-story tall behemoths. It would be very difficult to maintain an anthropomorphic stance while at such a size, so the quadruped form is adopted. However, shapeshifting of any kind is a long and tiresome business, and so it takes them a week or more to reach full size.
  • Dragons come in many forms, varying the world over.
  • Accuracy: True
  • The various appearances of Crystolians can be explained by the fact that they are the Change beings. In order to adapt to the area, Crystolians would change themselves to better suit the image provided of them for their district, as well as making it easier for them to survive.

Biology and Reproduction in CrystoliansEdit

As much as Crystolians resemble humans and other anthropomorphic species, they do not have any of the organs associated with such species. This includes lungs, stomach, heart, and reproductive organs. Magic essentially runs their entire biology:

  • Air pulled down from their mouth and nose is processed and filtered by their crystaline core. With proper magical translations, this filter can be made to efficiently strain toxic fumes, sulpher, mustard gas, and even water, given enough time.
  • While Crystolians do have a cavity within their abdomen similar in size and placement to a human stomach, it does not actually contain any acid. Large and perfectly spherical, as their is no need for the kidney, liver, or intestines, their "stomach" works much in the same way as their "lungs"; a magical filter that processes physical matter instead of gasses. This filter's secondary function is extracting magical energy from it's contents: while Crystolians do generate their own energy, they need to extract energy from food and water (and occassionally animals) in order to operate in perfect health. This cavity can also be used to store a Crystolian egg, so as to transport it more easily when flying. As Crystolian eggs are quite sizable, this gives the illusion of nine month pregnancy. Eggs can be expelled from the stomach cavity whenever wished.
  • While Crystolians do have some form of blood, it's function is to transport particles of energy rather than oxygen. As such, there is no definitive colour for Crystolian blood, and largely varies between members of the species.
  • Crystolians also have eyes, but with additional filters. Although this ability is rare in Crystolians, it allows them to see a wider range of the light spectrum, as well as filter their vision for different traits, such as heat, souls, energy type, and invisibility. The ability to identify energy type in different objects and species allows them to more effectively identify which foods they should eat to replenish their supply of energy.
  • The process for Crystolian reproduction is a long one. Before any action can occur, a 'male' Crystolian, or jug'oticai, and 'female' Crystolian, or m'larian, must be in proximity to each other for at least 50 human years. This allows the energy frequencies of the two to resonate with each other, until they resonate in harmony. At this point, a genetic spell is unlocked within each partner's mind, each unique to either jug'oticai or m'larian. As Crystolians can shapeshift their forms to whatever they choose, these spells are the only concrete proof of whether a Crystolian is male or female. Each partner casts their respective spell into the same spot; if their frequencies are not accurately balenced, the spell fails and the energies disperse. After the "birthing cloud" becomes stable, a crystal or other precious stone is placed into the center of the swirling energies. If the stone is not rejected, the energies congeal into physical form, and bind together into an egg. Without the crystal, the embryonic Crystolian would lose it's physical form within days of being born, slowly vapourizing back into energy. It's unclear exactly how long an egg needs before it can hatch, but records show the shortest time being two years, with the longest of over one thousand.