More of a mountain than a mound, the Crystolian Council Chambers are one of the only Crystolian-related structures that is in a concrete location, meaning it doesn't move about.

The interior of the mountain contains an ancient stone city, mostly in ruins, and sporting a great many outcroppings, holes, and dangerous creatures. It is a welcome resting spot for any travellors; however, they must first meet the approval of the Council themselves before being allowed entry.

The Council consists of seven Crystolian tribeleaders, of varying gender and colour, such as Griagrahl the red male, and Dchjao, the grey female. Together, they plan movements for the more nomadic Crystolian tribes, so as to guarantee secrecy of their locations, as well as to ensure that no two tribes occupy the same Habitat. They also help direct food, water, and other resources, as well as engage in diplomacy with racial councils of the other primary races of the Etherealm. Being the leader of the Crystolian Council, Griagrahl is also a member of the Etherean High Council, who govern affairs across the Etherealm.

Within the halls of the main council building, there are many adjoining tunnels, passageways, and other chambers, such as a hall of confiscated, dangerous weaponry, sleeping quarters for the council and for special guests, food storage, a library, and archive. There are also rumours that there is a hidden tunnel leading down into the Gaian Empire, but such claims have never been proved.