Elemenzarac are the race that result when any member of the basic races go beyond their usual elemental synthesis levels of 15-20% to approximately 95-98%. Elemenzarac are always members of the race in question, or Crystolian.

Unlike Wyrm, Elemenzarac do not have any metamorphical stage. The Elemenzarac more often than not merely show up one day, harking from some obscure small village or settlement. Most can only remain in their Elemenzarac state, but some have gained the ability to switch back and forth with their original forms at will, although an Elemenzarac will always keep it's identidy secret for protection.

Elemenzarac are essentially avatars of their respective element, and appear as elementals (semi-humanoid shapes made of fire, water, etc.). Being all but pure elemental energy themselves, they are the most skilled at their element, controlling the world around them as if it was their own body. As they are bound to protect natural sites of their element, they are well liked as protectors and enforcers of natural law; however, some get annoyed when their activities are 'illegal' by natural law.

Like Wyrm, Elemenzarac get steadily rarer the more powerful their elemental type is; for example, there may be as much as six Flamezarac roaming the Etherealm and the neighbouring dimensions, while there is only Shinezarac at a time. Changezarac, being the most powerful, and essentially avatars of existence itself, are beyond rare; the last Changezarac was Tiamat, the Ancestral queen and mother of the Crystolians. Her power is put into perspective from the fact that she single-handedly stopped every Death Crusade for more than 1200 years before they even begun, keeping balence within the Etherealm as well as in every known neighbouring dimension, keeping all the races of any dimension on good terms with each other, as well as bringing Crystolians to the enlightened state that they currently enjoy. However, since her resignation as Changezarac more than a five thousand years ago, the Etherealm, as well as every other dimension, have slowly been falling into disrepair, with no sign of a solution in sight.