A pivotal point of the Etherealm, the Etherealm Gate is the only fixed, stable dimensional gateway in the Etherealm, and the dimensions surrounding it. Created a millenia ago with powerful magics, it's been in the history annals for as far back as they go, and is a well known landmark.


The Gate stands approximately 600 ft. tall (interior of gate), with the gate itself being made of blocks 40 ft. thick. Although the blocks appear to be stone, they feel like metal, and when struck, resonate with a magical frequency. All known attempts to damage the Gate have ended disasterously, and without success, although the Gate appears to have chips off of it's edges. Unlike event horizon portals, the Gate opens directly onto the chosen dimensional plane, with no difference except for what can be seen through it. Three members from each of the four main races of the Etherealm are needed to be present to activate or change the destination of the Gate, and because of turbulent relations between them, the Gate's destination has remained on Earth since when it was last used, back during the medieval ages.