Crystolian Tribal Outposts and Living Quarters, or Habitats as they are more well known, are the traditional areas where Crystolian tribes will live for a time.

Crystolians are nomadic by nature, which is peculiar considering their vicious attachment to absolutely everything. To avoid detection by other, more violent races, they move once every fifteen years or so, as so dictated by the Crystolian High Council. This also allows natural food supplies and other resources to replenish, without the need for farming and harming the environment. Every tribe has it's own, self-designated leader, which reports directly to the Council, although the tribal leader is more a role model and advisor than anything else, seeing as Crystolians do whatever they want anyway.

There are a wide, wide variety of Habitats. Some are frequented by a couple different tribes, while some are 'called' by one particular tribe. These Habitats can be in any shape, and boast any number of features, such as a tree village, a sunken pit with a corkscrew walkway around the center leading down to an underwater portion of the Habitat, an underground cave with lava pits that can be used for smelting and cooking, and even something as bizarre as a giant flying tent.