Syntho Aleiko is the terminology the elementally associated races of the Etherealm, namely the Crystolians, give to elemental energy. Much in the same way as a hive mind, elemental energy gains sentience proportionately to the amount of energy in an elemental mass. Therefore, in order to accomplish higher level elemental magic, one needs to be on friendly terms with their element, and not just be good at directing it. The syntho doesn't have to do anything it doesn't want to, but for the most part it is quite leniant.

Some of the functions of the syntho aleiko are:

  • Directing Wyrms to an area of seclusion to engage in elemental and physical metamorphesis.
  • Extremely high level elementalists can eject their entire element mass at once, and bind it into the form of a sentient familiar. These can be elementals, such as a golem, a salamander, or an electrically charged cloud, or can be in a more mundane form, such as a weasel or a hawk. The mage then removes a piece of the familiar and reabsorbs it, so that the familiar remains bound to them.
  • If one is extremely friendly with a syntho, they can expel it from their body and direct it as a friend, to do reconissence and fight, without having to bind it. In this case however, the elemental mass is unstable, and cannot exist on it's own for long. What mages will usually do in this case is have some form of container, such as a pot or crystal ball, on their person that the syntho can return to and retain stability.
  • There are many cases of village shamen or witch doctors that claim they can speak to the wind or the flames, when they are unwittingly conversing with the syntho of that particular element mass, otherwise dubbed a Natural Syntho. If one has an overall friendship with an entire element, they don't even need to absorb and then direct the element; they can merely ask it to do what they want. However, such associations are exceedingly rare, and whatever task the Natural Syntho is set to do is usually done fairly badly, as it isn't directed by the mage themselves.
  • Weapons and items that are made from elemental masses, such as the solidified-flame blades of the Volcanars, have their own syntho, and is the most stable of any syntho aleiko. As such, a single syntho can live on for hundreds, even thousands of years.
  • As with the Earthen Law of Conservation of Energy/Mass, every sentient being does, in fact, have the opportunity to become a syntho, as the evolution from Race to Wyrm to Elemenzarac displays. Wyrm are approximately half syntho, and Elemenzarac are about as close to becoming a syntho as you can get without dispersing into nothing. Therefore, Elemenzaracs are what syntho specilists like to call Self Bound Synthos, as they are, essentially, a syntho that has bound itself into identifiable form.
  • Unfortunately, there is a very small percentage of individuals even aware of synthos at all, the highest percentage of these being Crystolians, as they have a hand in every elemental pot, and can recognise these sentiences the best. However, even those with knowledge of synthos are reluctant to divulge their existance to the rest of existence, as they're worried about gaining bad favor with the elements.

Note: for those who have seen the Stargate television series, it might be easier to explain the process of race to Elemezarac like this: humans can become Ascended Beings, which are basically energy masses that retain their sentience after transformation. Similar to Anubis, who was stuck between human form and ascension, Elemenzarac retain their sentience in a form that they contain with their own sentience, although with somewhat animalistic tendencies and brutality, as an elemental form.