The native homeland of the Volcanars, the Flamelands are located somewhere to the north-east in the Etherealm. Consisting of many different zones, it offers a wide variety of species and landscapes, although all are fire based. It offers a prime location for the Volcanars to practise their fire magics without damaging anything of any value, a valuable natural metalworking facility, and an area with little edible vegetation or animal life that the Volcanars can train their survivalist abilities in.

The Flaming PlainsEdit

Consisting of little more than scorched earth and geysers, the Flaming Plains are the majority of the outlying border of the Flamelands. As it's the transition zone for travellors between areas of elemental affinity, there aren't very many elementally based species of any kind there, as it isn't suitable for any living creature. Heading farther in, one may find more fire-based plant life, such as sparkseed, flametrees, or singedew. These are advised to avoid at high cost, as many have lethal effects, and practically all have some form of damaging material. Some of the animal life that reside in the inner circle of the Flaming Plains are phoenixes, flame salamanders, magma reapers, and fire beetles. This area is, ironically, the most fertile of the Flamelands.

Blackrock HaloEdit

Named as such by a passing Kraatan mapmaker, the Blackrock Halo is a portion of the Flamelands directly bordering the volcano ranges. It's name comes from it's aerial appearance, which is a series of blackened, volcanic earth that rings each volcano. It's on these heat-scarred portions of ground that many Volcanar villages are located, for their accessablility to the Flaming Plains and to their sacred volcanos. Made from the very earth they sit on, these villages have next to nothing, in essence being little more than an outpost. After the Volcanars were banished, they left everything as is: however, as the resources in the area are extremely limited anyway, there's little to no change since that time.

Volcano ShrinesEdit

The main area of activity for Volcanars, many of the volcanos in the long spine of volcanos tracing throughout the Flamelands have had tunnels dug throughout them, and small shrines scattered throughout. These are also where the majority of forges are, as Volcanars can use the natural heat of the earth to cast their weapons. Some volcanos also have hidden rooms and passages that contain the tombs of previous leaders, all of which were either Flame Paladins, master spellcasters, or master smiths. Volcanars have a very skeptical view of command, and only commanders who have managed to bring about several dozen generations of prosperity get a spot with their revered brethren.

Obsidian FieldsEdit

With their large quantity of magma practically all around them, Volcanars dig out massive quarries and fill them with lava, applying a mix of magic and science to shape massive obsidian shards that they can afterwards harvest. They use these giant pillars of black volcanic glass for weapons, jewellery, religious functions, and selling as raw materials to anybody who will bother to take them. Approximately the size of 30 football fields each and numbering in the hundreds, these quarries were abandoned when the Volcanars were banished, and so many of them have been permanantly ruined by badly cooled magma. However, some of these fields still have unharvested obsidian in them, and sometimes travellers and merchants will sneak into them and steal a few for personal profit or protection. However, these fields are especially hard to find, and often caravans will get lost on the trip there or back, thanks to the next to featureless landscape they reside in.