Volcanars are the Fire race of the Etherealm. Essentially giant anthropomorphic flaming lizards, there is some speculation that they may be relatives of Crystolians. There has never been any proof to support this however.

Volcanars tend to live in small, concentrated villages rather than build big or roam from place to place. These villages are situated on, near, or in the volcanos or magma plains in the Flamelands located to the north-east of the Etherealm. These allow the Volcanars to perfect the art of smithing and metalworking, as well as train so as to continue to hold the title of the greatest organised fighting force the Etherealm has ever seen.

Volcanars are usually metalworkers or warriors (or both), although they can also be merchants, a private army, and guards.

History of VolcanarsCrystolianEditEdit

Volcanars have always been warriors, for as long as any records have ever spoken of. When not fighting, they're either training so they can fight better, or metalworking so they can build weapons and armor. Several hundred years ago, when Rauk last lead his Death Crusades across the Etherealm, the Volcanars boldly offered to destroy the entire undead army on their own, so as to limit civilian casualties. Although much of the Crusade had been dealt with, there was still much more to go, and nobody wanted to fight anymore. Rashly, the Ethereal Council agreed.

Over the next few months, the Volcanars slaughtered and burned their way across the Etherealm, leaving a trail of scorched earth beyond the horizon in all directions. They did manage to defeat the undead horde, but the cost was too high. It was agreed that the Volcanars should be banished for their inability to control their bloodthirst. Some say that they were banished to the interior of the Earthen Sun, where they could survive easily, and without detection by human forces. Conspiracy theorists also claim this explains the recent 'global warming'.

Volcanars have never been allowed dimensional leave to Earth, so there are no records of large lizards on fire.