Wyrm are the race that result when any member of the basic races, such as Volcanar or Merai, go beyond their usual elemental synthesis levels of 15-20% to approximately 45-50%. While it is the norm to transform into the wyrm of your race's element, there are some rare cases in which this does not happen, and a different element is dominant.

The process for becoming a wyrm is a long one. Once elemental levels have reached the appropriate level, the syntho aleiko of the elemental mass directs it's host to find a secluded spot that isn't likely to be found for many years, and to render themselves inaccessable. These can be in mountain caves, deep within a forest or swamp, on a mountain, or deep in an underwater fissure. Once inaccessable, the potential wyrm will go into a hibernation of sorts; the entire process is somewhat of a mix between winter hibernation and butterfly caccoons. While this is happening, the wyrm's body changes into traditional wyrm form, and loses nearly all memory of it's previous life. Wyrms will remain in hibernation for as long as it would take for their natural lives to live, almost literally being 'reborn', for when they do eventually wake up, everyone they know and recognise will be either dead or dying of old age, and will have no memory of them whatsoever. Indeed, most wyrms spend their lives constantly questing after any trace they can find of their old lives, something that they might recognise or remember. Unfortunately, most never do.

While it is possible to have a wyrm wake up pre-complete metamorphasis, this does not happen often, and most of the ones that do tend to become elementally unstable and vaporise.